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What's the Deal?

It's a pretty simple concept really... we take suggestions from our audience, give them to the actors, and the actors do their best to write, produce, direct and perform scenes based on those suggestions.

Here's A Useful (Partial) List of Things We Might Ask For
  • Historic Figure
  • Fictional Character
  • Celebrity
  • Accents From Around The World
  • A Place You'd Go On A Date
  • Various Emotions
  • Professions
  • Events In People's Life

One More Thing

We try to keep things family friendly at The Off Broadway Theatre. We may tiptoe up to the line of "good taste" but crossing it is another story altogether. If by chance one of our actors (or for that matter, an audience member) should happen to cross that line... you may want to call for a "foul". The offending person will then be dealt with according to the whims of the host.

This Might Include...
  • Tribal Dance
  • Cowboy Poetry
  • "No You Didn't"
  • Sitting In The Corner

Laughing Stock shows the rare ability to be both clean and hillarious. I love taking my family here because we all have a great time, every time.


Soooo Hilarious! I almost peed my pants! It would have all been worth it though!


I can't get enough of Laughing Stock! Sometimes I laugh so hard, I cry. I only wish the shows were longer.



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